“The Ephesian Chronicles.”


If Heavenly Father gives me enough time (I’m not saying that to be spooky spiritual, or morbid – I am not ill or anything like that… in fact I am disgustingly healthy for which I thank God) I have a mission to fulfill.

I will write four different blogs that, if I find a way will turn out to be four different books.

The Four books will be a series. The series will be entitled: THE EPHESIAN CHRONICLES.

The first one is finished as a blog:

MANAGEMENT OF THE MIRACULOUS. Ephesus is Taken. This is a vision I have concerning evangelism and church building. It is an explanation and commentary about Paul opening up Ephesus for Christ, and having taken Ephesus for Christ, because of his heaven sent strategy he takes the whole subcontinent of Asia Minor. This blog is complete (apart from some professional editing that is required) and will only be added to or changed if  and when I get any flashes of revelation on the subject.

The second one is being written as I write (if you know what I mean). I am not putting the first one out until January 1 2014.:

REVELATIONS OF THE INVISIBLE. Ephesus is Established. This is a full commentary of the Epistle to the Ephesians (at least that is what we call it) which I believe was sent all over the churches of Asia. It is, I believe, a brief, written outline of all Paul taught in his 3 year mission to Ephesus ie: Asia Minor.

The Third volume is present and cooking in my heart and mind. I have no idea when it’s first page gets out.:

MAINTENANCE OF THE FAITH. Ephesus is Confirmed.  I was going to subtitle this as “Ephesus is settled” but somehow that doesn’t sound right to have a church that settles. Although to put down roots and to grow as a Christian community must have “settling” somewhere in the vocabulary. But on the principle that my own spirit prefers pioneering to settling, I decided that “Confirmed” is better than “Settled”. This is a commentary plus preach on First Timothy. It is a letter to Paul’s protege who was pastoring Ephesus when  the letter was written.

Finally, another one that is burning in my heart is:

OBSERVATIONS FROM OMNISCIENCE. Ephesus is Realigned. This is yet another explanation cum unburdening of my heart on the seven letters to the churches of Asia, ie: the fruits of Paul’s Ephesian mission.

I know where I am going with all this. I know the goal of my own personal revelation on it all and the target I am aiming for. All I need now is the energy, the time, and the hours to write it all.

God give me grace, and I believe I will be saying things that the readers have never heard before. Not that “novelty” is at all in my motive, but  “originality” is high on my list of priorities.

Enjoy Ephesians, and please let me know  your thoughts.

I am

Keith Lannon.


1. MANAGEMENT OF THE MIRACULOUS.Ephesus is Taken.        The Mission activity.                Acts 19 -20

2. REVELATIONS OF THE INVISIBLE. Ephesus is Established.         The Manifesto outlay             Ephesians

3. MANIFESTATION OF THE FAITH. Ephesus is Confirmed.             The Ministry intention          1 Timothy

4. OBSERVATIONS FROM OMNISCIENCE. Ephesus is Realigned.   The Master‘s involvement  Revelation 2 and 3


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