The Glory of His Grace (Ephesians 1:6)



“to the praise of the glory of His grace, which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved.”  (Ephesians 1:6)

God’s glory is in the demonstration of Him pouring forth His gracious kindness on people. Ultimately it is the grace that saves us that is the most phenomenal demonstration of that grace.  That is God’s glory.  Christian’s sing dance and make merry to the glory of God and His grace towards us.  Everything that God intended for mankind from eternity past has no other purpose or goal apart from the praise of His glory.  God, who is wisdom itself in the wildest extreme, cannot work without a goal, a purpose, an end.  The Bible is riddled with divine statements and insinuations that prove quite conclusively that He is always busy fulfilling His purpose.  God’s end purpose must be greater, wider, better and even more sublime than the actual end product that He is working towards. He is moving towards summing up all of creation in Christ, in whatever manner that may mean. To save fallen man He has to justify, sanctify and glorify those of faith in Christ. That is His lavish and startling grace. That kindness peaks with all that is embedded in the birth, life, passion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We give God all the glory for His grace; in fact if we look at the truths and the manifestation of the gospel in our lives we can sense the glory of His grace. And that glorious grace  was totally gratis, and bestowed upon us in the person of His beloved Son.

Paul tells us that we are “accepted in the Beloved.”  Yes we also are beloved of God, but “The” Beloved is no other than the Person of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The word “grace” sounds too “religious” and “old fashioned” to the modern secular man, but when understood and grasped in its full meaning, it becomes a source of wonder in one’s approach towards God. He is the God of all grace.

“Being justified by faith we have peace with God, by whom also we have access into this grace wherein we stand…”  (Romans 5:1-2a).  So, being converted gives us access to more of God’s grace, Justification is the access card, the ticket that allows us to receive more grace.

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”  (Hebrews 4:16).  Again, the principle is stated meaning that we have grace in order to come boldly to the throne of grace in order that we can receive mercy and receive more grace.  There is always increase to be made and received in God.

His kindness is so rich and glorious simply because it is bestowed upon humanity according to the absolute will of the Almighty.  We have on earlier pages read of the good pleasure of His will. God is under no duress to reach out towards us in grace. He does this because He loves us and He richly enjoys being gracious to us. And, by its very nature of kindness and graciousness there is nothing mankind can do to get it, apart from receiving it from God’s open hand.  It is a gift!  That is why it is called “grace!” Not only can man not do anything to earn more grace (for then it would not be grace but an earned right) mankind is not expected to do anything to earn or obtain the grace of God. I think it is in Spurgeon’s writings  about grace when he writes about people “earning” grace: “Man would not, if he were expected to and could not, if he were required to.”

In order to make a comprehensive statement concerning the grace and kindness of God we need to observe that His forgiveness is total and complete. No sin is too big or too small, no iniquity is too hideous, no person is too wicked. We all need to ask for mercy, even the best of us, and His grace has no bounds when He is invited in to save us. Whatever a person has done, whatever the depth and breadth of evil they have been perpetrating, the grace of God can rid a person of their guilt, shame and horror. Neither does it stop at anytime, or limited in its impact. Grace is not like the water brought by nature. It doesn’t flood us in winter and then torture us with drought in the summer. God’s grace is no passing phenomena to leave us with despair after a short lived season of hope. God’s grace is constant in its continuation, its depth, its comprehensiveness, and its revolution.

Grace cannot be mingled with a bit of works and one or two commandments to help. We are saved by kindness, grace, mercy and love. We are to drown in the all supplying forgiveness of Yahweh through the person of Jesus Christ. Paul’s angriest letter is the Galatian letter. The people were moral, kind, living comfortably and righteously with each other, but they insisted that  there had to be some works of assistance to engage with God’s mercy. They had to attempt to move half way to meet God. Human merit or goodness of any attempted kind just has no place, not even a micrometer on this issue. That is why his grace is glorious! That is why the Christian’s experience is to the glory of His grace.

We also have to insist that His grace, though it is only one aspect of his mercy and kindness, never interferes or contradicts any other attribute of God’s character.  God is holy, God is true, God is just, God is righteous and he cannot extend His saving grace where faith is not exercised by man to receive that kindness. God cannot contradict any of the truths of the gospel as He has revealed in His word.

God’s glorious grace is free, is powerful to change the heart and it is so good that there is no machine that can measure the depth and breadth of the goodness.  The Lord is good and everything He does is good.  This whole thing of grace is eternally wrapped up in the person of Christ. Jesus Christ is the manifestation of God’s love, mercy, and kindness to all mankind.


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