Definition of the Blessing of God on a Person’s Life (Ephesians 1:3)

025 Ephesus 3h


To be blessed by God is a wonderful thing!  God gives His blessings; they cannot be earned.  However, there are those blessings that can be asked for and sought after.  Obedience to God’s word and a persistent desire to walk “in the Spirit” also attracts the blessings of God and their increase.  God locates the pure in heart and those whose heart seeks the very heart attitude of God.

The Blessing of God in a person’s life, as referred to in Ephesians 1 verse 3, is a supernatural impartation of divine power and/or enabling.  It is a power, a gift, or a facilitating in a person’s life that is divinely initiated to operate in one’s life those things promised by God that lead to a fruitful all round life.  God’s blessing is a touch from heaven that brings success to the recipient in everything they set themselves to do.  The blessing of God causes the believing person to live effectively in all their purposes while having an influential journey throughout their earthly existence until the person has completed the number of days that his Creator has decreed for them.

There are times when the blessing of God is merely a single gift that God Himself has invested in a man or woman. We know absolutely nothing about Elijah apart from the fact that he was an extremely gifted prophet. There is absolutely nothing else that we can see in Elijah’s life that sets him apart.  It only needs one gift of blessing to change the world.  Some men have gifts as blessings from God.  Some men are gifts and blessings from God. Elijah was a gift to Israel from God with his one single blessing overshadowing his life.



Peter said that believers are made to be “partakers of the divine nature” and that this partaking is achieved by those great and precious promises that God has given to us.  It is like being given a huge chest containing many things that are to increase our capacity to believe and expect more from God.  It is our choice and activity to dig into this chest and select anything we need for our known needs.

This divine impartation cannot be denied its’ activity.  It will come upon those who walk in The Spirit and obey His word.  The obedient believer is literally mugged by the blessing of God whether they ask for it or not, want it or not, or even if they do not pointedly believe for any particular blessing.  The blessing of God makes rich and adds no sorrow with it.  Every bible believing born again Christian has been blessed with “every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ.”  The blessing of God is part and parcel of God’s conversion “contract.”  The blessing of the Father sits so heavily on Christ that to receive Him is to receive the whole package.  It is all contained in the person of Jesus Christ.

I have many times related the story of the lady in one of the London churches where I worked as part of the ministry team.  She came to a service, heard the gospel for the first time and then came from prayer at the end of the meeting in order to receive prayer as she wanted to know Christ.  The entire ministry team at the church where I was working believed in the power of God to heal and to deliver from oppression, but on that particular night no such teaching was mentioned. It was a direct gospel sermon on how people need to be saved.  The dear woman went home content. She returned the following week, however, full of questions and wondering if we had told her the “full story.”  When we asked her what she meant, she explained that she had many medical complaints for which she had a large number of tablets and medicines, which she had to take every day of her life by necessity.  She had however, by some quirk of memory by accident forgotten to take her tablets for a couple of days after receiving Christ.  She was amazed to discover that she actually felt better and the insomnia and stomach cramps, amongst other symptoms, had utterly ceased.  Her doctor was amazed to give her a clean bill of health.  She playfully chided the ministry team for not telling her the real power of Christ.



My point is that she did not ask for healing, now was she even aware that healing was on the table at all when she took Christ as her Saviour. Somehow this powerful blessing was activated without her request, without any specific prayer, and without any great desire. Her sickness was something she had resigned herself to living with for the rest of her life.

The blessing of God can and often does cancel the curses of Satan that have infiltrated people’s lives.  It is wonderful to see when God activates some great blessing when it is not sought after.  I remember two friends of mine, Barry and Peter who were both converted in the same weekend as myself back in  April 1968.  They both had a personal challenge of things they wanted to be free from.  They were both, as I remember chain smokers and both extremely foul mouthed.  Immediately after conversion  one stopped smoking without any anxiety. The other never swore again at all during the time I was worshipping with him.  So why was one chain broken in one man’s life, and a different chain broken in the close friend’s life, while both of them struggled to the point of tears and pain with the bondage that was not broken in their life.  How strange!

1. dore_revpI tell these factual stories of people that I have known in my life in order to highlight the fact that God can bless us in ways that are not straight forward to explain.  However, we can rest assured that all believers are blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ, and for all those glorious manifestations of God that may take us by surprise, there is much more that we can believe for and pursue in order to receive more from God.

Satan is generous in one thing only, namely his curses.  He is, however, never as generous with his nastiness as God is with His blessings.  The curses of Satan in a person’s life, are a paranormal impartation of satanic power and/or demonic disabling that is caused to operate in a person’s life when a legal foothold has been allowed for Satan to hang onto.  His curses and bondages are those things that bind people’s hearts minds and bodies and lead to a miserable, futile, and fruitless life.  It leaves many people failing in most things they set themselves to do in life’s pilgrimage of life, enduring low productivity (sometimes no productivity at all)  throughout this mortal coil – a coil which is often  snapped and ended before its appointed time.

The preaching of the gospel always has people’s salvation in its sight.  Healing and deliverance are integral parts of the message.  The blessings as promised in the person of Christ are more comprehensive and practical than most people can imagine.  God help us to see them, believe them, and then receive them.


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