“In Christ” (Ephesians 1:3)

000 In Christ 1

We are dressed in Christ‘s holiness.

Christ is all in all and Christ has all in all. If we, by faith, have Him who is all in all, we therefore have all in all through Christ. Faith as the currency in the realm of the spirit is what takes its possessions from the realm of the spiritual and brings it into the realm of the physical. But faith can only take what it knows it can take. If the person with faith in Christ has no idea of the fullness of what has been given to them, how can one believe for what they do not know about. All that Christ received and achieved in the realm of the spirit in the days of His flesh by His Passion, death, burial and resurrection is also the constituent ingredients of the inheritance of the believing Christian. What Christ received in the realm of the spirit had a huge measurable and tangible impact on the earth in the physical.

In Christ’s earthly life time the Holy Spirit “descended upon Him” (Matthew 3:16. Mark 1:10. Luke 3:22); The Holy Spirit then “sent Him” (Mark 1:12), “led Him” (Matthew 4:1. Luke 4:1) not only for forty days in the desert but for the rest of His life with us. After the temptation in the wilderness Jesus walked in the “power of the Spirit” (Luke 4:14). It was those experiences of Christ that precipitated the Master referring to Isaiah 61:1 as a quote relevant to Himself (Luke 4:18). Jesus of Nazareth was anointed by the Holy Spirit to do all He did (Acts 10:38). He offered Himself through the Holy Spirit, and was raised from the dead by the Father (Galatians 1:1), Himself (John 2:19) and the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:11 NLT).

000 In Christ 2Because of the Spirit of God alighting on Jesus and remaining (John 1:33) He was anointed like no other before or since. He entered into the fullness of the blessing of God by His obedience. What was promised to Abraham, as well as the full blessings that accrued to the person that perfectly kept the law of Moses was heaped upon Christ. In the context of the Great Commission Christ told us that all authority in heaven and on earth was given to Him through the power of His resurrection. Christians are to enter into that power and authority to whatever degree they choose to believe in.

The message therefore, to all Christians, is that we need to know we are “in Christ.” Get to understand as much as we can about the full nature of salvation. Get to know as many of God’s promises that can fit into one’s memory, and then fight through faith to attain all that God has promised for us. It is warfare of the most violent nature – but that violence is also in the realm of the spirit. There is no physical violence whatever. The fight is in the realm of the invisible. By revelation of what is available in the realm of the Spirit, one can then learn how to wrestle in the realm of the invisible and fight for what God has promised.

Through faith in Christ, the apostle Paul explains that we are “in Christ” and seated with Him “in Heavenly places.” What is His can be accessed through faith by those that believe.

What belongs to Him belongs by inheritance to us who believe and is legitimately ours. Yet, our tangible experience of those blessings is dependent on the appropriation of them by the faith that Heavenly Father has given to us, as well as the gift of the Holy Spirit. We believe in order to possess our possessions. We align ourselves with God in order to enter into the same realm as Christ lived. When we move by faith we are moving in the same dimension that God moves in. We are held in His hand and, to change the analogy, we become part of His body. Because we are part of His body, and because we are striving to align ourselves with the heart, mind and purpose of God more and more, we are, by definition in the realm of the Spirit, “in Christ.” The fact that the Christian is “in Christ” has ramifications that are truly astonishing. Personal revelation on the issue of the believer’s position “in Christ” organically creates radical changes to perspectives on life that many Christians have. It makes the difference between a mediocre Christian, and a Christian with a spirit of excellence. The more one understands their status of being “in Christ” the more the mind is renewed and comes into the momentum of receiving more and more revelation. A man of God does not just happen, He is built. Revelation into the whys and wherefores of God’s purpose does not just happen, it is built. Moving in the Spirit and appropriating God’s promise does not just happen, it is understood and fought for in God.

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To be “in Christ” reminds me of the analogy that captivated me in one of the books that are published under the authorship of Watchman Nee. It was a book I read first in the late 1960’s. The analogy was of the believer in Christ being like a blank piece of note paper placed into a book. The book represents Christ; the individual believer is represented by the slip of paper. The book is closed with the paper held tight within its pages, paralleling the believer being closed and embraced in the love of Christ.  The book then, in Watchman Nee’s analogy, is posted from Hong Kong to London. Wherever the book goes, the paper goes, just as the Christian goes where Christ goes. If the book is sent from Hong Kong to Her Majesty the Queen in London, as the book enters her presence, so does the piece of paper. What happens to the book happens to the paper. The experiences of the book are shared by the experiences of the piece of paper. In exactly the same way the Christians life is hid with Christ in God (Colossians 3:3). Whatever blessings belong to the book, belong to the piece of paper. The book and the piece of paper are one in figure, yet factually and literally. Just so, all those Heavenly blessings that belonged to Christ because of all that is intrinsic to Him and His life, becomes accessible to the Christian by the grace of forgiveness, redemption and adoption. Such is the heavenly privilege of a person being “in Christ.”

To be “in Christ” is to be resting in a fixed position through faith. It is a position that does not alter by negative experience or positive. It is an absolute – a fixed point in the life of the Christian.

To be “in Christ” is to be an inheritor of every single blessing that Christ carries. If a person is “in Christ” they have access to all He has promised and delivered in His lifetime. Every promise that God ever made is “Yes!” in Christ and “Amen” in Him.

To be “in Christ” is a defining relationship status that guides us through life, the understanding of which relationship causes growth, development and maturity..

To be “in Christ” gives us the very aroma of the life of Christ. We literally carry the presence of the Lord around with us.

The concept and factual revelation of a Christian being “in Christ” does not only speak peace and assurance to the believer, it also adds extra lines of truth to the rationale of the Christian being blessed, and in full receipt of every spiritual blessing in heavenly places. What I mean is that if the glory of heaven resides in Christ, the omnipotence of heaven resides with Him, and giving grace to those heirs of salvation are so rampantly generous in Him, then when we “own” Christ by faith, we have all that He has. Having all of Christ means we have all of the blessings that heaven affords. Hence Paul can write the words of Ephesians 1:3.

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