The Old is in the New Revealed. The New is in the Old Concealed -Even Ephesians 1:3.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ.”  (Ephesians 1:3)




Because of the remarkable divinely given revelation embedded and embodied in the whole of scripture, with revelatory historical narratives that take place in this time space world, both Judaism and Christianity have nurtured and developed their belief systems conjoined to their confidence of the immovable fact that the eternal, omniscient personal God is the creator of the universe and the absolute source of all meaning and value of life.


The New Testament takes it further and reveals Jesus Christ as the very communication point betwixt heaven and earth, between the invisible God and man. The promised Messiah of the Old Testament is the Christ of the New. The open revelation of the New Testament is clearly the cryptic promise of the Old being fulfilled. The rocks of truth that are scattered in great depth over the pavements of the New, are half buried under the surface of the Old Covenant, and to the surface reader seem very scarce and uncommon.


Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and that statement is the encapsulation of the sum total of the purest revelation of scripture. It is a non negotiable rock solid absolute statement for the Christian believer. It is not an evolved opinion like some would suggest, that was somehow arrived at generations after the crucifixion. The academics that make such suggestions reveal their utter ignorance of the body of the Hebrew Scriptures. By separating the Christ of the New Testament from the Messiah of the Old Testament they bungle, stumble and look ridiculously academically backward to thoughtful and astute readers of both Testaments.  The Old and New Testament, spread over more than a thousand years, by over forty different writers has a unity that is nothing short of miraculous. To argue the point means that the deniers have simply not read the whole. The inerrant divine revelation, which is exactly what the scriptures claim to be, are firmly adhered to by Christian people as supernaturally granted knowledge, gratuitously given by God’s transcendent divine initiative. In a nutshell the Bible is a gift to mankind from God Himself. Whether one is of the Jewish faith and clinging to the Old Testament only, or a Christian focussing on the messianic fulfilment of Christ it is the divine word that settles faith. The promised Messiah was to be Yahweh in the flesh, every Jewish student of the Old Testament will vouch for that statement. So when Jesus was received as Messiah His deity was being discussed before the crucifixion.  His claim to deity was the main reason he was taken to the cross.




This divinely imparted, special revelation is in contrast to finite human logic, thought and presupposition that has been accruing “naturally stumbled upon knowledge” and theories about the nature of reality since the day Adam and Eve were ejected from the garden of Eden. The ongoing ever descending – yet ever expanding result of eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is that mankind has ever since been trying to find answers to questions that Adam, pre the fall, would have found out solely and directly from God Himself. Christians should not be in any way putting restraints on science or research into the realities of the physical cosmos. It is only because many scientists have made conclusions that presuppose error, or even downright lies in the divine revelation that Christians stand on, that Christians in earlier centuries bitterly rejected the generally held scientific status quo of their day that sought to defame or ridicule scripture and biblical truth – even though it did no such thing. No facts can defame or ridicule the Creator or His Book, but only point to Him in His genius. It is the interpretation of facts, or human presuppositions that are held that causes scientific secular man to force the facts to fit into the historical meta-narrative that they have stumbled upon. It is the presuppositions that cause some Christians to deny the legitimacy of so called “scientific” findings. If scientists remained neutral in their search for truth, the world would remain a more informed place.


Revelation and accuracy of the biblical text has nothing to fear from scientific research. Facts are facts. Secular science, speaking generally believe that the bible is irrelevant and have presuppositions tightly in place that are tenaciously clung to in exactly the same way that Judaism and Christianity cling to scripture. The entire sheer cliff face of the mountainous spread of the Christian belief system that is based on the assumed fact of divine revelation in the scriptures being robust enough to withstand the siege of modern atheism, is the Church’s good news for the world. Its assurance of man’s redemption and his final destiny is based on the concept that divine revelation is the ground, the substance and the content of the Gospel. Make no mistake about it, the reality of what believers refer to as divine revelation, is the rock on which Christianity stands or falls. The science of the knowledge of God stands on the reality of what is revealed and embedded in the scriptures of both Old and New Testaments. This is stuff that Christians cannot alter and do not wish to. Man lives not by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, and that most assuredly points to the Bible. Those words were written early on in the history of the Old Testament and quoted by Christ Himself in the early chapters of the New, exhibiting the relevance of the Old Testament scriptures to the New Testament age.




The subject of revelation permeates the entire Bible itself and was a major plank in the manmade theology that began to sprout throughout the early centuries, sproutings that sprung from the soil of the Bible. In the early days of Christianity, revelation was a huge issue. The acceptance of God given revelation was of absolute and fundamental importance to Christianity and foundational to all its theology, to the mission of the church, and to the spiritual life of every Christian. Authentic and faultless revelation is in the warp and woof of every single thing the Bible teaches that we require. With it, the Bible claims and has the authority of inerrancy and infallibility, without it the entire Scriptural message is without any authority at all. Extra biblical revelation is also considered sound when it is extrapolated from the presupposition statements of scripture and considered true and subject to those scriptures.


Referring to the scriptures and all the things He taught, Jesus Christ stated that, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will never pass away.” Much of what Christ Himself taught was extrapolated from the words of the Old Testament. He explained Yahweh’s statement, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,” as proof that His Father was God of the living, not the dead, and therefore proved the resurrection (Matthew 22:31-33).


I state all this before pointing to some Old Testament passages that would lead Paul to make the statement he makes in Ephesians 1:3. I am convinced of the probability that Paul could have somehow seen or heard it from heaven directly on the grounds of his declaration in 2 Corinthians 12 that while being transported to the third heaven he had heard things that were unlawful to utter, it implicitly informs us that he heard some glorious things that could be uttered – and Ephesians 1:3 could have been one of them. However, simply because we are left to draw up our belief system map of Christianity from the scriptures, and because it says in Acts that the men of Berea were more noble than others because they sought out to prove for themselves that what Paul said was vindicated and verified by the Hebrew scriptures, I believe it is necessary to see in those very same scriptures that Ephesians 1:3 is cryptically or illustratively promised. I am sure an exhaustive study of every single insight to this truth is a bit of an impossibility this side of the resurrection, but if I can just note a few statements, we may be on the way to seeing where it all comes from.






Paul says something rather challenging about Abraham. In Romans 4:13 it says “For the promise that he should be the heir of the world was not to Abraham or to his seed through the law, but through the righteousness of faith.” But I have searched and searched for many years and there is no scripture in the Old Testament that directly promises Abraham to be the “heir to the world.” So we have to examine where the promise was cryptically made if it was not in plain language.


The nearest thing to a plain statement that makes such a promise as a presupposition of another promise is firstly at Genesis 12:3. Here God tells Abraham that all the families in the earth would be blessed by him. So somehow, the blessing that God placed on Abraham was to someday go global. “All families in the earth” cannot but mean that the entire earth would be blessed through Abraham. Also in Genesis 17:4-5 God says TO Abraham; “You will be the father of many nations. No longer will you be called Abram; your name will be Abraham, for I have made you a father of many nations.” It is cryptic but it does have the meaning of Romans 4:13. The Jews generally interpreted God’s promises to Abraham as being to his physical descendants only. However, this wording of the Old Testament is plainly to anybody who walks in the same faith as Abraham. Moses, the acknowledged author of Genesis, removes any doubt about the Jews being the only ones to be blessed through God’s covenant with Abraham. Abraham’s true spiritual seed is anyone of any nation or language who has faith in Christ.


The point is that the Old Testament is hereby connecting Abraham’s eternal inheritance as being inclusive of the whole world. The spiritual blessing of God is given without restriction to Abraham in a manner that would impact the entire planet.


By this we see, perhaps not in the plainest of language, but by sound and intelligent extrapolation, that every spiritual blessing is promised in the future to all those who, from whatever tribe or nation on the planet, walk in the same faith as Abraham. Abraham was promised the world, which meant Abraham was heir of the physical Cosmos.


Ephesus in Paul’s day.


The first 14 verses of Deuteronomy chapter 28 gives so many Christians a problem. The teachings of the scripture on the subject of prosperity are so belittled by so many that it concerns me how the body of Christ can globally maintain an open mind to God on His revelation on the subject. Prosperity is generally neglected as a biblical truth simply because there are a few exponents of the subject that so many think to be off balance on the subject that has made them peculiarly more wealthy than most.




The teaching of scripture on “Giving,” “Sowing and Reaping,” “Prosperity,” “Wealth” and “Faith,” is rampant throughout the pages of the Bible. Some preachers major on the second advent, some preach on little else other than healing, others are filled with deliverance, prophecy, grace or the Baptism in the Holy Spirit – and nobody seems to criticise them, in fact these kind of “teaching majors” are welcomed worldwide in the body of Christ and utilised to educate people on biblical issues that the General Practice of pastoring does not allow church leaders to dwell upon long term. Pastors are encouraged by scripture as well as common place to preach the whole arc of God’s truth in order to feed the household of God, so, generally speaking most pastor’s have a grasp of the whole bible rather than specialising in some particular line of revelation.  So, what is the reason that teachers that major on biblical prosperity get so persecuted within the body of Christ? Prosperity is there in the Bible and cannot be dodged if one believes every word of the scripture.


If anybody wishes to debate with me the veracity of what I have written above I normally refer them to this passage: Deuteronomy 28:1-14. This section of Moses’ writing is Ephesians 1:3 language before the days of Christ. This passage is actually and very obviously within and constituent to the law of Moses. It is the most explicit prosperity centred passage of scripture in both the Old and New Testaments. In these 14 verses there are twenty one blessings delineated which include the physical and the spiritual, the tangible and the unmeasurable, the spiritual and undefined, and the physical and tabulated. In short it is the substance of every blessing in heavenly places.


Why is this relevant to Christians? Simply because Jesus Christ fulfilled every single aspect of the law that Moses, under God’s instructions, prescribed. Jesus Christ hearkened diligently to the voice of His Father and was sinless in the pursuit of obedience to Him, and therefore every single one of the twenty-one blessings of those first fourteen verses of Deuteronomy 28 are His in all their voluptuous fullness. Jesus Christ was the only human being that ever lived and qualified for the blessings of Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Because all this comprehensive body of blessings are Christ’s, they belong to everyone that is “in Christ.” If a believer is “in Christ,” and the scripture teaches that faith in Christ is what puts us positionally, spiritually in Him, then we have the blessings that He has.




With this understanding, we believe that simply by leaning on Christ to be our Saviour we are

  1. God will set us high above others on the earth and all the following blessings will fall on us and mug us as we go on in righteousness.
  2. We will be blessed in the city. Commerce, housing and the city dwellers bundle of life.
  3. Blessed in the field.
  4. We will have perfect children.
  5. Crops will be blessed – not just farmers – but the sowing and reaping of whatever a man deals with in the city.
  6. Cattle will be blessed, or whatever business goods we deal in.
  7. Flocks will be blessed and increased, as per number 6.
  8. Our baskets and storehouses will be full of good things ie: twenty first century wallets and bank accounts and anything else we delight in.
  9. We will be blessed in absolutely anything we undertake.
  10. We will have complete victory over anybody and anything that we refer to as an enemy.
  11. Our land, or area of labour will be incredibly fertile and productive,
  12. We will be established and known for our holiness and Christ-like life.
  13. We will be a witness for Christ to all we know and all that hear of us.
  14. All nations and people groups will revere and esteem us and even be fearful of us.
  15. We will be prosperous in goods, children, stock, crops and land.
  16. This is a key one in the light of Ephesians 1:3;The Lord will open to us ALL His good treasure. Could that one be any clearer.
  17. The heavens will give us rain in due season in our area of activity. That means no drought, famine or financial shortage.
  18. The Lord will bless and increase all we put our hands to.
  19. You will be prosperous to lend enough to lend to many and have no need to borrow.
  20. We will be the head and not the tail of things, relationships and relevance to our generation.
  21. We will be above and not beneath anybody.

By this I state my conviction that Moses was taught of God in the substance of the statement of Ephesians 1:3 that would have come to all those who wholly followed God’s word as dictated to Moses. In our case, as Christians, what is there for our blessing is in Christ, waiting for us to possess our possessions, and appropriate what is ours by inheritance.






Psalm 34 is a Psalm of David. Verses 9 and 10 of that verse make statements of those being utterly blessed and overwhelmed with blessing who “fear” Yahweh (verse 9) and those that “seek” Yahweh (verse 10). It cannot be seen as correct to suggest that these verses mean anything less than what Ephesians 1:3 showers upon us by particular and specific statement.


No matter how many questions, queries and quandaries this kind of language in the scriptures raises, the teaching, the declaration and the carrot of “no want” to those that fear, seek and desire Yahweh with all their heart, mind and soul is one of the clearest and most comprehensive  heart openers of scripture.


This writer is in the business of wanting to illuminate and elevate all who read and hear him in the flesh, so I exhort any reader of this page to hear my heart and the heart of Christ when I say that in view of the directness and the commonness of these promises, the only grounds, reasons or excuses Christians may have for not having every need and want met within the bounds of scripture is a lack of the fear of God, not enough seeking Him, unbelief or ignorance of the biblical statements. Frankly I think that simply understanding and believing prosperity to be the will of God is the major breakthrough required in order for us to commence possessing our possessions and living in the fullness of Ephesians 1:3.


Because we have all things in Christ does not mean these things “automatically” fall on our heads simply because one is a Christian. We constantly need to point our faith at certain issues of life, fire our bullets of confession and profession with the gunpowder of belief and expectation, and receive. There is a fight of faith. Laying hold of eternal life and the blessings of God is the heaviest point of the battle.


The plainness of all wants being met and more, is the Psalmists Old Testament equivalent of Ephesians 1:3 and is seen in the following samples of the Hebrew scriptures of David: Psalm 23:1. Psalm 84:11. Psalm 91 in its entirety. Psalm 103:1-3.



There are other sections of Old Testament truth that leads us to see statements equivalent to Ephesians 1:3 revelation, but I will highlight others as we proceed through the epistle. (Isaiah 64:4. Jeremiah 31. Joel 2 would be the main ones to chew on.)



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